How To Become A Very Good Mentor

How To Become A Very Good Mentor

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Today we want to discuss mentorship. Its unfortunate that most people don’t know that they are indirectly mentoring some people that is why they behave anyhow.

One certain fact about life that people fail to understand is that as we look up to some people so as to be like them, so do some people somewhere look up to us to be like us.

Most times, you don’t need to talk to people you are mentoring. You might not even know some of them but they are there studying and watching you.

Let’s take for example our top religious leaders, they mentor lot of people that they don’t even know.

You see people want to dress like pst Adeboye, some want to make their hair like pst Chris,some want to talk like pst Kumuyi etc. And so are some people,younger than you are watching you and wanting to be like you.

There wanting to be like you might be

1. The way you dress

2. Your intellectual status

3. The way you talk

4. Your behavior etc.

Sometime ago, two young boys who where friends where called and asked why they loved sagging their trousers.

The first one answered,it is because my elder brother does it.
When the second one answered, he said it is because my friend’s elder brother does it.

When the brother in question was called, he said he had never for once thought them to sag but on the contrary he doesn’t need to, they can see and easily emulate him.

The kind of person you are today is the product of the person you have been emulating over time(mentoring you). You are now getting to mentor others,so how do you do that?

I have seen people dress shabbily while going out with the saying “who is looking at me ?” My dear a lot of people are looking you.

This article is a call to consciousness, let people look at you and be able to emulate good things from you.

> That your so called swagger of sagging and keeping a bushy hair might be leading somebody out there wrongly.

> The way you talk to everyone anyhow or just to show you are good at talking might be misleading someone. Etc.

Yes, there might be lot of good things about you that pulls people to want to study you but in the process of doing that, they pick the good and the bad.

We have heard people say thank God for so so person, his lifestyle and way of doing things really helped me to go far.

So would people be glad in the nearest future to say thank God they took after your steps ? is now launched to guide in lot of ways. We want to motivate you, inspire you, let you know about relationships, health and spirituality.

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