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Capita2x Registration or Login –

Capita2x Registration or Login –

Disclaimer: The Jobs Mayor Team won’t be held responsible for what ever comes as a result of your participation in this platform, we are only informing you.

Capita2x is a money-doubling scheme just like TwinKas and the rest, the best time to try it out is now because its still new. How works.

Birth Date –-> 24th, February, 2017 (According to Whois) Its a platform that promises to double your money at least in 14 days…One thing I like about the website is the structure, design and modus operandi (mode of operation) On other money doubling platforms,you are matched as soon as you register to pay someone but I assure you, liberty funds is damn different…I took a bold step, I selected the N30k package, I was matched to pay after few hours, after 3days I received prompt payment from the 2 people matched to pay me… Cool isn’t it?

You select a package from the list of the following packages on this platformN10,000 –> N20,000..N30,000 –> N60,000
N50,000 –> N100,000…Ready to try Capita2x? Are you still doubting? Yes! I was doubting not until I saw my friends cashing out, I decided to go big and I have recycled now, I am waiting to be matched…


Take the risk let’s see how it goes.

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