Latest Nigerian Bottling Company Past Questions and Answers For Aptitude Test By Dragnet

Latest Nigerian Bottling Company Past Questions and Answers For Aptitude Test By Dragnet


Dragnet Nigerian Bottling Company normally calls for aptitude test for their recent openings.
The exam usually last for 2hrs 30 min and will consists of Dragnet typical questions namely numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive or abstract reasoning (pattern series) consisting of 15-25 questions each and lasting within 20-35 minutes each. The remaining 1hr will be technical related ie technical based specific assessment and will probably consists of 50 questions. Here for the engineers/technicians the questions will be electrical and mechanical related such as plant maintenance, electric motors, motor starters, instrumentation, control, plc etc.

1) Often go for simpler question first and latter return for the more difficult ones (I bet you some candidate can spend as much as 10mins for a 15 question, 20mins numerical reasoning question)

2) Skip any question you are not sure of as dragnet employs negative marking

3) Numerical question are usually seen by candidate as the most difficult (candidate always sigh after finishing a numerical test). This is usually due to lack of understanding of the presented data or graph. So you have to come down and get to understand the presented data or graph as you will need it to answer 2 or more questions. Constant practice and self confidence during the exam is the key to overcoming this.

4) Inductive or abstract reasoning is usually seen as the easiest on face value but I bet you it is the trickiest questions especially if you have no grasp on the fundamental principle. Try and grasp the fundamental principle which normally come with practice for you to have an easy and assured ride

5) verbal reasoning can be very boring at times as some passages can have as much as 100-150 words just for you to read and answer 2-3 question (you may even spend as much as 10mins trying to understated a paragraph when you may have just 25mins for this part of the exam!) .At this stage you don’t need to proof read like you did in WAEC(then you have enough time). Since you have very limited time it is advisable to read and understand the questions first (you can learn this habit) then flip through the passage as fast as possible(you need not understand the whole passage you don’t have that time) and get to the area that answers your question slow down and try to understand that area in addition to other related areas that will facilitate the fidelity of your answer.

6) Another tip on verbal reasoning is don’t give an answer base on your previous knowledge or you discretion ie what you feel would logically go. Always give your answers based on the content and logic on the passage. If it is something you cannot say base on the passage stick to ‘cannot say’. If it is true based on the content of the passage stick to ‘true’ even if it violates some fundamental principles.

7) Lastly , accuracy and speed are the most important assets you would need in this exam. Unfortunately these two variables are inversely coupled mathematical functions. The faster you try to get the less accurate you become and vise versa. The only way you can get both is through constant practice and adopting some working smart strategy such as the tips above.
I assure you a 50% score in dragnet exam will scale you through to the second stage because it is an exam that can blow an average uninformed candidate off balance

Note: you have to adhere to all dragnet stated instructions as they are very organized. Come to the exam center with only your print out and ID only as your handset or any other thing you may come with will not be allowed in
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