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MMM NIGERIA: See How to Get Unblocked Fast

MMM NIGERIA: See How to Get Unblocked Fast

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If you default on any of the MMM community rules you may be blocked. However, depending on the severity of the offense committed you can still be unblocked.

Sometime ago, I was unable to complete a PH payment on time and I was blocked. I logged into my personal office only to see a message saying “You Have been Blocked”

This was the steps i took before they unblocked my account.

  1. Log into Personal Office (PO).
  2. Click Support and then click “Create” to create a ticket.
  3. Choose option that says “Participant is Blocked”
  4. Enter title “Please unblock my Account”
  5. Tell your story about what happen, but show remorse.
  6. Browse file to upload any documents (if necessary.)
  7. Then Save.
  • Keep checking to see that your account has been unblocked.
  • It may take about a maximum time of 48 hours.
 Please make sure you avoid been blocked as you may not be lucky to get unblocked. This is what you should do to avoid been blocked on MMM Nigeria 

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