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What You Must Know About Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Aptitude Test

What You Must Know About Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Aptitude Test

Congratulations to those who got shortlisted for the DPR aptitude test. Note that being shortlisted for a test is NOT a guarantee that you would make it to securing a placement with the DPR. It must be best spelled that the aptitude test is being undertaken in different quarters of the country, thus a test of the smartest, luckiest and bravest.

You don’t have to be a Brainiac to nail this. Believe! Just use your wits. Simple! Sit up! Below are some things you must take note prior to your aptitude test and the earlier you are informed, the better:
You MUST login to your account through the email received notifying you of the aptitude test through which you would have to print the application form which MUST be presented at the TEST Venue.
You MUST be punctual at least, 35 minutes before your scheduled now.
It is advisable you come along with a means of identification e.g National passport, International Passport, School ID Card, NYSC ID Card etc.
The duration of the test is One (1) hour.
Note that it comprises of two (2) sets of questions. English and a generalized specialization section.

P.S- Those in the sciences and Engineering: Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Physics, and engineering would have similar (but not the same) set of questions.
You are encouraged to practice register of words, sharpen your vocabulary, obtain lots of practice questions and consult those with experience. Best Regards!

You must NOT pay anybody any money before, during or after the exams.
There are some Practice questions which could serve as a guide, endeavour your enrich yourself by obtaining, and practicing them to the best of your abilities.

Best regards!

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