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N-Power Releases Fresh Information On N-Power Tax 2017


N-Power Releases Fresh Information On N-Power Tax 2017

Good afternoon,


We have sent SMS to ALL N-Power TAX applicants to either proceed to the Assessment Test phase or that their application journey has come to an end.

If you registered for N-Power TAX and you have NOT received any SMS, please post your Reference number in the comment section.

NOTE: If you post a reference number that has NOTHING to do with N-Power TAX, you will be automatically disqualified.

Comments that have nothing to do with this post will be deleted.

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  1. Chilaka onyinye gift

    Unique reference number n-tax 2017

  2. Chilaka onyinyechi gift

    Unique reference number n-tax 2017
    000002211803-49 chilaka onyinyechi gift

  3. I am chidozie ifeoma anthonia.I did my Assessment text since last week.ever since I have not hear from N power.my number is 08037141074or 08050642756 thanks

    1. My name is chidozie ifeoma anthonia.I put in my assessment text exams last week since Dan I ever hear from N power. My number is.08037141074 or 08050642756


    REFERENCE NUMBER: N-tax-2017-000001051013-60

  5. My references number is N health 2017,000001776665-22..

  6. Abolade Elizabeth


  7. 2017-00000254413-18

  8. Essien Akanimo Kelvin


  9. 2017-000001218634-62

  10. Adedamola Adeosun

    I have not recieved a text on my phone. Here is my reference number… N-TAX-2017-00000-93

  11. 20170000192101284

  12. I have not receive any sms message.My Tax reference number are :- N-Tax-2017-000001696400-47.

  13. I havent gotten text am registered under N power health

    1. Hello Florence, did u receive call from Npower for d training update?call me on 08062433488. I’m Moses from Abuja.

  14. Ogar Margaret Ekor


  15. 00000408280-26


    Thanks you for this informations.I actually applied for npower TAX and I have not seen my message.hence can i go ahead to write my text?

    1. Innocent C. Enyereibe


    2. N-Tax 2017-000002048257-19

  17. 201700000311767-60

  18. Akodu Taiwo Olamidotun


    1. Akodu Taiwo Olamidotun

      I thinks it was not delivered before.


    TAX- 2017-000002318226-29

  20. Isaac Chinyere Nkemakolam

    I registered for N-powerTAX, but didn’t see receive any SMS.My Unique reference no:N-TAX – 2017:000002231347–74

  21. Chinwe Ohaekebosi

    I have not been receiving any message my reference number:N-Tax-2017-00000821596-63

  22. Aishatu Muhammad Abubakar


  23. Mainuna Ummi Abdullahi


  24. N-TAX 2017-00000214057-42, Have not receive any text yet, and couldnt login

  25. I have not received any text my reference number N-Agro 2017-000001965441-69

  26. Akanbi Ojo Momohjimoh


  27. I applied for N power Tax , I have not received any message on my phone this is my reference number 2017-00000486753-61. Thanks

  28. N-Tax-201700000704766-20

  29. N-Tax-2017-00000704766-20



  31. N-TAX-2017-000001187549-81

  32. Sunday Olasunkanmi Olusola


  33. N-Tax-2017-000001721607-10

  34. David Olayemi Cornelius

    I have not received any sms from N-power, here is my unique reverence number N-Tax-2017-000001643272-96.Thanks

  35. N-TAX 2017-000001122480-12

  36. Mbaegbu Chidiebere Stephen


  37. Alegu Chileka Rita


  38. N-Tax-2017-00000401231-57

  39. Thanks for the information. I received the text message to proceed to take the test on July 2nd and I took the test. Anything yet for me to do?

  40. I didn’t get an SMS but i did my test tax number 00000179298

  41. I didn’t receive any message but I log in and I wrote the the test.Reference number is N-tax- 2017-000001162683-84

  42. N_tax-2017-000001162683-84.

  43. I didn’t see any sms but I login and I wrote the test. N-tax-2017-000001162683-84.

  44. Aborowa Womisan E.


  45. I registered for Ntax with reference number-2017-00000-73

  46. I registered for Ntax with reference-2017-00000-73. I did not received message for test since,please assist me about

  47. Ntax-2017-00000105441247

  48. Adekoya Olayinka Mary

    I have not receive text message. N-Tax-2017-00000819649-77

  49. Ref. No. 2017-000002048257-19

  50. N-Tax-2017 -00000252223-94

  51. Adesiyan Olakitan


  52. I receive a text message inviting for the next interview after i have written the text. but i don’t know where the interview date and venue. pls can anybody tell me when.

  53. Here is my REF no N-Tax-2017-00000226046-33

  54. N – Tax-2017- 000001415932-84

  55. N-Tax-2017-00000472043-76

  56. N-Tax-2017-00000618274-29

  57. Hi please I wrote the npoewr tax test but I have not receive any SMS again. What do I do now

  58. Akinti Edileola Henrietta

    N-tax 201700000538669-65

  59. Omotunde Abosede Adeoti

    Unique reference number :N-Tax-2017-00000-98

  60. UNIQUE REFERENCE NUMBER N-TAX-2017-0000078559718

  61. I have not received any SMS and my unique reference number is 2017-000001280200-31

  62. Omotunde Abosede Adeoti

    I have nt received any message till now

  63. 20170000062835270

  64. I made a mistake in writing my reference no just now am sorry this is it now N-Tax-2017-00000628352-70 I have not write my text yet

  65. Have not received any message. My ref is N-Tax 2017- 000001886739 – 63

  66. Npower reference number:N-T-2017-00000390709-61

  67. Here is my Npower reference number:N-T-2017-00000390709-61. I have not received any text message.thank you

  68. Abdullahi Muyibat oiza

    I have not receive any sms ,here is my ref.number N Tax-2017-000001152983-79

  69. Adeyemo Adegboyega

    i have not receive any message.Here is my unique Ref NO: N-Tax-2017000001320577-92

  70. Adeyemo Adegboyega

    I have not received any message. My unique Ref No:N-Tax-2017-000001320577-92


    Please I applied for Npower Tax but I have not received text messages to write the exams.
    Thanks for your favourable reply.

  72. N-Tax-2017-0000277629-95

  73. Kaltume Dala Ahmed

    Here is my reference no NTech 00000761763-62

  74. N-Tax-2017-00000269264-74

  75. Iledia Erowo Grace

    N-Tax 2017-00000210963-29

  76. N-Tax-2017-00000696256-85

  77. olagoke Kafayat Bola

    I have not received any sms.my reference no is N- Tax-2017-00000342248-52

  78. Oduntan Nurudeen Olukoya

    I’ve not receive any text, here is my reference number N-Tax-2017-00000736397-92

  79. ibe seiyefa Messiah


  80. Yusuf sheriff oladipupo


  81. 1-Name: Auta Usman Reuben
    2- Unique Reference Number:N-Tax-2017-00000237627-81
    3- State: Kaduna
    4- LG: Chikun
    5- Residential Area:Mahuta New Extension Opp.NNPC Refinery Kaduna (Chikun LG)

  82. I didnt received any message from npower dis is d second year am applying for npower job pls help me , N-Teach-2017-000001810904-47

  83. My Refrence number. N-Tax 0000048472-84. I have not received any text.

  84. N-TAX-2017-000001431734-27

  85. Jamilu Aliyu Ramadan

    Reference No 2017-000001757602-40.08035171762.

  86. Mutiu Omisipe Unique No: N- Tax- 2017-00000534523-39 Thanks For The Anticipation.

  87. Hello,I have received any message til the moment and I done the test. Here is my npower ref number tax_2017 00000 1

  88. Hello,I have not received any message til the moment and I done the test. Here is my npower ref number tax_2017 00000 1

  89. I havnt got a call interview .my npower tax ref number is 2017 00000 1586798-57

  90. agboola justinah damilola

    here is my reference no.

  91. Itewo orevaoghene Anadar


  92. I did not received any text for the test but I have written the test using my BVC num to open, here is my reference number :N-tax – 2017-000001456864-48.

  93. Pls I did not receive any SMS. My unique reference number is N-Tax- 2017-00000347366-81. Thanks. Looking forward to your humble reply.

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