N-Power Releases New Test Assessment Date

N-Power Releases New Test Assessment Date

1hour ago, Npower announced the new assessment date for those that haven’t received THEIR Eligibility SMS before, as released on their Facebook time-line,


July 15th N-Power Tax
July 16th N-Power Tax
July 17th N-Power Tax
July 18th N-Power Tax
July 19th N-Power Tax


July 20th N-Power Health
July 21st N-Power Health
July 22nd N-Power Health
July 23rd N-Power Health
July 24th N-Power Health


July 25th N-Power Agro
July 25th N-Power Agro
July 26th N-Power Agro
July 27th N-Power Agro
July 28th N-Power Agro
July 29th N-Power Agro
July 30th N-Power Agro
July 31st N-Power Agro
August 1st N-Power Agro


August 2nd N-Power Teach
August 3rd N-Power Teach
August 4th N-Power Teach
August 5th N-Power Teach
August 6th N-Power Teach
August 7th N-Power Teach
August 8th N-Power Teach
August 9th N-Power Teach
August 10th N-Power Teach
August 11th N-Power Teach
August 12th N-Power Teach
August 13th N-Power Teach
August 14th N-Power Teach
August 15th N-Power Teach
August 16th N-Power Teach


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  2. Owere Sarah Ekelechukwu

    I have not receive any sms from N-Power. I am a N-Power Tax applicant, this is my unique reference number N-Tax-2017-000001312337-16

  3. N-power just gave me message that I cannot enta d next stage,that I will not partake in this exercise,don’t know the reason for them oo,tnx

  4. Please sir what about the date for N power tech.

  5. Please Sir I have applied for Npower recruitment and until now I have not receive any message. Please what should I do.

  6. I didn’t get a text message to write my test. For the empower tax

  7. N-Tax-2017-00000401231-57

  8. Interesting. Good innovation to the jobless Nigerians. Biggest thanks. Is there any way KOBAHITEIN NIGERIA LIMITED can partner with N-Power. Is a new oil services company. Thanks and God bless.

  9. Simon Hananiah Arabo

    Thanks for updating us regularly.
    I’ve applied for N-power Health, but didn’t received the Text message. But went ahead on the 28, july to write the Test using My BVN , and phone number to accessed it. I wrote the Test, and submited. What Should I do next please?

  10. I keep receiving response like invalid BVN number each time I tried logging in with the same BVN and phone number I used to register.

  11. How do I know if my name is shortlisted, and if I am, how do I know my day of examination? I’ve not been receiving any message concerning this.

  12. How many will one write the text

  13. sir what about those that did not receive sms under health? b/c i am yet to receive it and i did not write the test. thank you

  14. Pls sir,I got an SMS on the 12th and 26th of June that I have been selected from the waiting list of 2016 application of Npower, that I will be inform on the next step via SMS and am yet to receive SMS.

  15. Why can’t they administer this on interval basis so as to make it snappy and that the issue of SMS is questionable.

  16. Adefisayo Cecilia moradeyo

    thanx sir,but i also heard today that Nteach test as been postpone to Aug 9,is that true sir?

  17. Ighivwi Destiny Oghenegweke

    My name is Ighivwi Destiny Oghenegweke. I applied for the position of n power teaching and up till now I have not received any information on how to go about my test assessment. Please can I do?

  18. I didn’t get an sms, I applied for N- Power Agro and I just discovered the test for N- Power Agro has been done already, can I take my test with the N- Power Teach?

  19. Good morning my name name is mbadugha Theresa NGOZI I applied for N power tax uptill now I have not receive any message for my test what I’m going to do thanks

  20. chinyere justina nwadike

    Pls oooooo, I applied for npower health, I hve not received any text mgs on when to write my text, trying to log in to write my text, they re asking me to enter my post code.

  21. I did not receive any SMS on the updates. I apppied for N-power Tax

  22. Kaltume Dala Ahmed

    Dear Npower
    I logic mine still show me validation ongoing process check back later, but still up to now I did not write my tests, which I really know all my information and Bvn are all correct.pls I need to know what isthe problem.Thanks.

  23. Andiemen David Agianpuye

    Good job, keep it up.

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