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N-Power Tecno Device Experience

N-Power Tecno Device Experience


The Good and THE BAD.

Finally FRIENDS! The very much anticipated tecno device is nothing close to what we hyped it to be. The device was ordered to minimise cost as it wasn’t the original anticipated droidpad 10 pro 2.

1. The device is of low quality….DEFINITELY NOT droidpad 10 pro 2 but droidpad 10 !!A .

2.The screen is not hd quality. Dat means you get a shabby picture quality of course…

3. it doesn’t have a keyboard and doesn’t have a keyboard port either.

4.The screen scratches as the slightest glitch unlike samsung..

5. Of cus you will know by now that it does not have a remis OS as against the pictures we got earlier from participants.

6. Most of the apps in it are outdated except for the recently installed npower apps. You have to update almost every app on it for it to function properly.

7. Trust me when i say the 1.3Ghz is a floss…..i cant even run the speed of a 1.0ghz from observations.

8. It runs on Mediatek..dat tell you that my tecno device gets high temperature when overused….

9. Pls don’t bank on the Almighty 7000 mah, i tell you i charged the device full and after bearly 3hrs of extensive usage it has dropped to 67% …i didn’t watch video o…i didn’t play game i was just adjusting settings and browsing at same time. Now imagine if i played 3heavy games on it on diff windows��.

10. The device for From my unboxing and inspection so far is just a “A TAB”.nothing special about it. It says it has 4G but the speed is not even up to a WCMDA. it just preferably ad i known, i would av gone for samsung tab E instead. Camera is manageable for a tab.

11.It runs on outdated 5.1 android os. The pouch is good but its fragile at same time.

12. It came with 2gig ram and 16gig rom….but out of the 2gig ram 0.7gig has been used on internal apps….leaving with just 1.3gig ram. And out of the 16gig rom 13gig has been used on internal running so you only have 3gig available internal storage. That means you will start saving your money for an external 16/32 gig if you want to enjoy you movies and music.

13. I tried to google the particular model droidpad 10 2….but google kept one bringing result foe droidpad 10 PRO 2. That meas this device does not exist before now neither was it an existing tecno flagship. Its either tecno rushed the device for low quality because npower cud not afford cover the cost of droidpad 10 pro 2 or the device was just cloned for npower specifics. Ladies and Gentle men….Samsung tab E can be found in market place…Jumia…Computer Village etc….but it a pity Droidpad 10 2a doesn’t exist outside npower.

14. Finally the design is ok

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