New Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats: Settings and Configuration Procedure

New Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats: Settings and Configuration Procedure

Etisalat Free Browsing Cheats | Did you know that Etisalat is one of the best networks having a wide range of network coverage all over the country? Did you also know that Etisalat has changed its name from Etisalat to 9mobile? I guess you didn’t.

After been given three weeks by its parent body United Arab Emirates,  Mubadala Group, to stop operating in the brand’s name, Etisalat Nigeria, has officially announced a change of name. The change which came Thursday, July 13, 2017 will now see Etisalat Nigeria been called 9mobile.

There was also a change at the head, as Mr. Boye Olusanya, was appointed as the chief executive officer to oversee the transition. Mr. Boye was former deputy managing director of Celtel Nigeria now Airtel Nigeria. The change of name is coming after the company promised that it will not stop operations and that staffs will not be retrenched.

Few years ago, it introduced the Etisalat free browsing cheat for it subscribers. Many subscribers were aware but few were still not aware of the magnanimity of their preferred network. The free browsing cheats is a budget of etisalat to reduce cost of data usage for browsing meaning you can surf the internet free while you are currently on the cheat.

How to Configure Etisalat (9mobile) Sim and Browse Freely

To configure, here are the steps to follow:

  • Start by downloading 51Vpn App
  • After downloading and installing, open the App and then choose any of the Nods available {UK Or Singapore} RECOMMENDED.
  • Switch on your data, click on the ash icon like Send symbol to connect the App and click OK in any pop-up screen that surface and wait for the icon to turn Green in color.
  • Once it connects you will see the Sent and Received arrows reading from bytes to Mb/s

Note that the free version of this app will get you a speed limited of about 1mb/s – 3mb/s for about 20minutes and drop to 300kb/s.


  • Name: etisalat
  • APN: etisalat
  • Proxy empty
  • Port empty
  • Username: leave it
  • Password: leave it


  • Proxy type: Real host
  • Url/Host:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
  • Real proxy port: 80

You can alternatively click on XP Generator and enter the URL/PORT in the field provided, and then tick REAL HOST and click on GENERATE then connect.

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