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PledgersHub: Register Or Login To (Your Money Grows By 30% Between 48 Hours And One Week)

PledgersHub: Register Or Login To (Your Money Grows By 30% Between 48 Hours And One Week)

PledgersHub is a community of elites ready to assist one another financially. That is what we stand for, that is what we do.

So instead of keeping that fund in the bank, why not help someone in need of it and see your fund grow by 30% between 48 hours and 1 Week

We will not ask you to pay into our account. We don’t do business with your money, PledgersHub is financial community where we help and empower ourselves financially. On PledgersHub, you will find participants who are in need of financial help and those who are willing to provide help.


No Confirmation Delay

Inbuilt SMS notification system will alert benefactors when you fulfil your pledge. And we mandate all benefactors to confirm received pledges in less than 2 hours of recieving pledge.



The support team is tirelessly working to ensure a problem free community. We respond to all complains promptly.


Growing Community

The community is growing in thousands everyday and we continuously expand our facilities to cater for huge daily traffic.

Lifetime Earning

PledgersHub has come to stay, we don’t blink, we don’t die because we are community of goal-oriented people.

Referral Commision

There is more for everyone, you earn a commission of $15 on Pledge amount of all your referrals. Bonus is added the second and third time your referrals fulfil their pledges.

Zero Payment Delay

Everything on PledgersHub works strictly with time. Pledgers are under strict time constraint to fulfil pledge.


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Disclaimer: We won’t be held responsible for what ever comes, as a result of your participation in this platform.

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