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SaveTbank: Register Now And Make Money In Hours –

SaveTbank: Register Now And Make Money In Hours –

Disclaimer: The Jobs Mayor Team won’t be held responsible for what ever comes as a result of your participation in this platform, we are only informing you.

Hot and Paying Fast: Register on now and get paid in Hours. It was launched by 10pm this night o1 of March 2017 is the latest Ponzi paying platform. It just launched this night and has already filled the mouths of several participants with testimonies. Hurry now and claim your financial testimony.

The platform has been built on a very secured firmware to prevent any type of cyber attack.  There are no rooms for cyber beggars and cyber bullies. A trial will convince you.

Available packages include:

Student Account: 5000 to get 10000
Standard Account: 15000 to get 30000
Premium Account: 30000 to get 60000
Professional Account: 50000 to get 100000
Business Account: 75000 to get 150000
Ultimate Account: 100000 to get 200000
Crystal Account: 150000 to get 300000

Just before you Register

Click here to Register on

If you can’t make payment within 3 hours and if you can’t wait to be paid between 5mins and 2weeks, please don’t open a Savet Bank Account.
• This platform is meant for serious minded people who have functional mobile banking.
• Savet bankers should make sure they have the amount they want to invest before registration. There’s room for recycling, so no need for multiple accounts.
• After registering, choose the account you want to bank with and call your fellow Savet banker before and after payment for confirmation.
• Savet Bankers have 1hr 30mins to make payment otherwise the account involved will be blocked and the Savet banker who is to receive payment will be automatically rematched to receive from a more serious Savet banker.
• Savet banker who do not want to continue can decline payment by clicking I CAN’T BANK to be disabled. Such banker can contact the admin to be reactivated through the active support system.
• Payment is on first come first serve basis of banking and your number on the queue will be displayed on your dashboard. After receiving payment, you have only a day to recycle or face automatic expulsion from the system.
• Don’t confirm before receiving payment, report FAKE POP and CYBER BEGGARS to the admins immediately you notice them and an investigation and possible eviction will be carried out. Do not abuse the PURGE button.
• Referral is not a necessity for your payment but referrals attract the sum of #1000 each which can be withdrawn after referring 12 people. So share the good news of Savet Bank on various social media.
We can make Savetbank last for years and this can always be done by inviting people over to bank with us. You are solely responsible for your loss and your gain. So bank with us only with your spare money.

We are here to make you feel better.

Click here to Register on

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