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How to Secure Your MMM Account With Google Authenticator (GA)

How to Secure Your MMM Account With Google Authenticator (GA)

How to install Google Authenticator application.

=> Android devices

Requirements — version 2.1 or later.

  1. Visit Google Play page.
  2. Search for “Google Authenticator”.
  3. Install the application.

=> iPhone, iPod Touch iPad

Requirements — version iOS 5.0 or later.

  1. Enter App Store.
  2. Enter the search term Google Authenticator.
  3. Download and install the application.


App configuration:

  1. Get the key (GA) in the Personal Office. The instructions are described below.
  2. Open Google Authenticator app on your mobile.
  3. Click “+”.
  4. Click Time based (tag 1).

=> PC and laptop

  1. Install the “Mozilla Firefox” Web Browser.
  2. Follow this link
  3. Type “Google Authenticator” in the search box and press enter.
  4. Find “Google Authenticator App” and click “Free”.
  5. Find One Pop up window in the top left of the browser. It will ask — Do you want to install “Google Authenticator” from this site ( Click “Install”.
  6. Check you have an icon on your desktop.

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