Study in Georgia: Tbilisi State University 2017/2018 Masters Scholarships for International Students

Study in Georgia: Tbilisi State University 2017/2018 Masters Scholarships for International Students

International School of Economics (ISET) at Tbilisi State University is offering scholarships for international students to undertake their Masters degree program in Economics.

Application Deadline: 27 thApril 2017

Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at (country): Georgia

About the Award: Graduates receive a Master of Arts in Economics diploma from ISET, which is recognized by the World Bank as one of five “centers of excellence” in economics education and research in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.

International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University is supported by BP, CERGE-EI Foundation, Governments of Georgia and Germany, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OSI, Sida, USAID and the World Bank.

Field of Study: Economics

Type: Masters

Eligibility: To successfully complete the program, students must:

  • Pass all first year courses (a grade of D- or above).
  • In the second year, students must write a Master’s Project (15 credits) and complete and pass 15 elective courses (a total of 45 credits).
  • In the second year, if a student is enrolled in a concentration he/she has to satisfy all concentration requirements, as formulated by the concentration coordinator.
  • Write and successfully defend their Master’s Project.
  • Meet the minimum overall GPA requirement of 2.67 (B-).

Number of Awardees: 10

Value of Scholarship: 

  • Tuition Fee for the 2017-2018 academic year is 3,000 USD
  • Scholarships: ten scholarships are available for international students, covering up to 60% of tuition cost
  • Stipends: outstanding students are granted monthly stipends, depending on performance
  • Housing: International students will be considered for housing support in TSU dorms or ISET-rented

How to Apply: International Students: If you are unable to provide GRE or GMAT scores, you are eligible to take ISET’s admissions exams, in one of the following three locations: 1. Yerevan, Armenia; 2. Baku, Azerbaijan and 3. Tbilisi, Georgia. If you are unable to take exams at one of the three locations, the Admissions Committee may arrange a proctored online exam.

English Language Requirement:  Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

Applications are to be submitted online as follows:

  • Complete an application form.
  • Upload a statement of purpose – a one or two-page essay explaining your motivation to study economics and how a master’s degree in economics is related to your career goals and intellectual interests (in PDF format).
  • Upload diplomas and transcripts from previously attended educational programs (BA/MA Degrees or equivalent). If the documents are not in English, please provide translated versions. All documents should be scanned and attached in PDF format.
  • Upload your GRE or GMAT scores.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details

Award Provider: International School of Economics (ISET) at Tbilisi State University


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