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Top 25 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Your Dream Job

Top 25 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Your Dream Job


You’ve spent hours writing a job application and getting prepared for your interview. You dressed in your best clothes and thought you nailed the interview, but you were still rejected why?

Want to know why you are not getting your dream job? Here are 25 reasons why

1. Not keeping track of your accomplishments

2. Leaving on a bad note

3. Not networking

4. Only using the Internet

5. Only searching for the perfect job

6. Writing a generic cover letter

7. Typos

8. Including your current work info as the best place to contact you

9. Focusing on yourself and not on the company in the cover letter

10. Not targeting your résumé to the position

11. Showing up late

12. Dressing for the wrong job

13. Not asking questions

13. Not answering interview questions

15. Not paying attention

16. Not researching the position

17. Not researching the company

18. Forgetting common etiquette

19. Forgetting you’re being interviewed from the moment you walk in

20. Bringing up salary too soon

21. Not sending a thank-you note

22. Being over-aggressive in follow-up

23. Not learning from your mistakes

24. Forgetting where you’ve applied and interviewed

25. Stopping your job search while you wait for a response

So What Now?

Time to pick yourself back up and keep going strong. keep your mind open, stay positive and be willing to learn from your experience. You will get a great job.

Helpful TIP: there are countless resources on the internet to help you improve your job applications, CV and interview techniques. Check out the link below:

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