U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Recruitment Form | ICE Requirements and Registration Procedure

U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Recruitment Form | ICE Requirements and Registration Procedure

U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Recruitment Form | Immediately you arrive the US you’ll always get this “Coming to America” feel which is always so great yet before you get that feel, there are always stages to pass through that may disqualify you from entering the country, I bet you hate those guys but they’re only doing their job, following orders to ensure the safety of the citizens.

They have a very big responsibility of securing the country and its people. You now see how important their job is hence, you could also help secure the country by being a member of the US immigration and customs enforcement today. If you are interested, we have here recruitment guide and eligibility status for those who wish to apply.

Who Applies?

US CITIZENS: The competitive hiring process is open to all U.S. citizens. The process includes an evaluation of the applicant’s education, experience, and/or other attributes necessary for the position and may include a written test (if applicable).

FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: The merit promotion process is open to permanent Federal employees to compete for vacant positions on the basis of their experience, education, competencies and performance. Merit promotion may also be open to applicants under special hiring authorities.

How to Apply

Search for vacancies.

    • Tip: Use the Saved Searches feature to have USAJOBS automatically search for jobs based on your search criteria and email you daily, weekly or monthly about new vacancies.

Apply for an opening

    • Read the vacancy announcement carefully.
    • Check out the USAJOBS Resource Center for tips.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that your application is complete.
    • Follow all required steps and submit all required documents listed in the vacancy announcement.

Receive an automatic confirmation of your completed online assessment

    • The human resources office will notify you that we received your online questionnaire portion of the application. Again, you are still responsible for making sure your application is complete before the vacancy closes.


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